Custom Pool Tables

Made In Australia

We can customise everything to make your table truely STAND OUT

We Move, Restore and Manufacture Quality billiard tables

We have over 30 years combined experience

Custom made to order

A bit about us…….

Our vision is to create unique tables that incorporate our 3 principles

1 – Originality, Although we use traditional techniques & methods of construction, we also like to push the boundaries of possibilities when it comes to design. We never make the same table twice, we do have our base designs but each table is tailored to our clients taste and style when it comes to colour, fittings, fixtures & materials. Everything is optional.

2 – Quality, we are meticulous in every aspect of our tables from start to finish. We use the best materials available to us, ensure the table will perform &  withstand the test of time.  Our finish is second to none down to every last detail & nothing leaves the workshop until it is perfect. 

3 – Compromise, We simply don’t! There is nothing worse than having something that looks great, but doesn’t work properly. The same goes for a table that plays fantastic, but looks boring & lifeless. Function & form are both as important as each other & we strive to achieve both in every build we do.   

We have a wide range of exotic timbers from around the world, we use English cloth made from 100% QLD Merino wool, Italian custom handmade leather pockets & Brazilian slate.

We love creating bespoke tables for our clients & take great pride in the our craftsmanship to achieve customer satisfaction 

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